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Strategic TeleCommunications

It's one of the most important things we can do for the success of your project and overall company requirements. Stratcoms' wireless consultants and network professionals can identify options and strategically design and execute your telecom network solutions without bias and with cost-benefit in mind. Stratcom extends your team with the mission of not just getting it done but getting it done right, with superior results, the first time. 

Do you need an unbiased Consultant with in-depth telecom, Wireless and Network engineering ability to work with your team and provide strategized Network Solutions ?


Industrial Telecommunications Infrastructure and networking can be complex. StratCom has the diverse expertise to cover all technologies and facets from initial conceptual planning, cost-benefit analyses, to deployment and maintenance support. Our team has successfully deployed some of the largest and most reliable telecommunications solutions in Alberta. 

Stratcom Strategic Telecommunications Inc. is a team of seasoned telecommunication and network engineers following standards and regulations , and providing superior strategized solutions.  Our teams unique in-depth telecom engineering skillsets, combined with diverse industry knowledge, strategic planning ability, and attention to detail sets your projects up for success.  We get it right the first time.